“MBL is a marvel. Some of the most brilliant people, sharing a common love for math, spending 2 weeks in the roaming hills of Milowka. Deepening their knowledge and forming deep, everlasting friendships. Thank you.”

Adam Bencsik, Hungary

“The camp was great both academically and socially! The camp atmosphere was amazing, and I made many new international friends. In the sessions of Mathematical classes we could choose which one of three different lectures we preferred, and hence always learn something new. It was also nice that the campers themselves could contribute with inspiring Camper Talks and fun Evening Actvities.”

Juni Drakengren, Sweden

“The camp was amazing in so many ways – the lectures were perfect, because I always could choose a hard one, a medium one or an easier one depending on my mood/energy level, TAU was a great chance to talk to tutors and understand the topic better, Evening Activities were incredible, since they helped us to have fun and talk to other campers and share our hobbies. The special activities were also great, I really enjoyed the hike and all the puzzles.”

Mariam Baghdasaryan, Poland

“MBL is as much about math as it is about having fun. There‚Äôs games, sports, trivia and puzzles, but also math, of course. We have loads of fun, and we learn a lot. A perfect way to spend 12 days.”

Noah Hessen Bjerke, Norway

“MBL was truly different from all the math camps I’ve ever been to, with its focus on pure and applied math and not on olympiad preparations and with all the social activities. The camp also gave me a chance to meet people who went to various universities and who work at all kinds of places and that broadened my perspectives.”

Marko Dimitric, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“MBL is one of the many communities I had contact with, but it really is the one that I love the most. Everything from the place, to the people, to the activities and classes is amazing. For a couple of weeks, you just travel to another dimension where everything is made out of laughs and really cool math.”

Ana Maria-Iulia Bogdan, Romania