MBL Team

Szymon Zwara

Graduated from the University of Warsaw with MSc in Maths and BSc’s in Maths and CompSci, now working full-time as a quantitative trader. His favourite branches of maths are probability theory and statistics. Szymon loves competing, whether by taking part in maths competitions, playing football, chess or CS:GO. He fully devotes himself to whatever he finds interesting, as he particularly enjoys getting into a flow state. Huge fan of pour-over coffee and ramen.

Ania Łeń

Project originator studying maths joined with physics within Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Warsaw. Non-academically, her biggest hobby is organising events, especially the ones related to education. Additionally, she is keen on winter sports, badminton, travelling and late-night walks.

Jakub Dobrowolski

After graduating from University of Cambridge with MSc and BA in mathematics, he continued onto a PhD in automorphic forms in London. Extremely passionate about number theory but keen to teach/discuss any part of maths. He also loves all sorts of sports but mostly cycling, squash and volleyball. In his free time, he also enjoys listening to music, playing drums and cooking with friends.

Justyna Jaworska

Comes from Szczecin, Poland and is currently studying Theoretical Computer Science at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Her favourite fields of maths are geometry and combinatorics. She is also passionate about music, plays violin in her free time and enjoys singing with others.

Marianna Gołębiewska

Currently studying mathematics at University of Warsaw. Interested in geometry, a passion that was somewhat dimmed at university, and number theory. In her free time enjoys baking, listening to music and reading books, preferably somewhere sunny with iced coffee and a cat nearby.

Daniela Spurtacz

Krzysztof Boryczka

Studying mathemathics and computer science at University of Wroclaw. Krzysztof is a competitive programming enthusiast. He mostly enjoys combinatorics and algorithmic problem solving. Krzysztof spends his free time on travelling, hanging out with friends and doing sports.

Radek Żak

Masters student of mathematics at Cambridge University. Completed his bachelor degree at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Coordinates the “Maths” in “Maths Beyond Limits”. An aspiring poet/singer/songwriter.

Zana Iwan

Currently studying in Woldingham School, Zana is a chemistry and physics enthusiast. She loves hiking, sailing, horse-riding, hats and cats. Currently learning how to play the guitar.

Simon Martin

Currently studying Mathematics at Liège University (Belgium). Especially fond of combinatorics but keen on a lot of subjects. He is also a scout leader. In his free time, he climbs or plays kin-ball. If you want to go running, go for a walk or tell a joke you should meet up with him.

Past organisers

Tomasz Przybyłowski

Paweł Piwek

Marta Mościcka

Grzegorz Dłużewski

Mateusz Kobak

Tomasz Ślusarczyk

Adam Kasprzak

Piotr Ambroszczyk

Łukasz Bożyk