MBL 2021

MBL 2021 took place on 13-25.09.2021 in Milówka, Poland. To accommodate for the COVID-19 pandemic, two camps took place simultaneously – 45 participants met in Milówka, while 25 others took part in the Virtual MBL (VMBL). In total, there were 70 participants and 18 tutors from 21 countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States of America. Both camps were filled with academic events. Onsite and virtual campers attended the same mathematical classes. There were three blocks of classes, each three days long. On every day there were three 80-minutes long lecture slots, during which participants could choose between their favourite fields of maths, both academic and more olympic-style. After classes campers had the opportunity to discuss the lectures and clear their doubts at TAU (short for time, academic, unscheduled). Finally, there were also Camper Talks during which participants could present their favourite subjects in a form of a short lecture.

MBL wouldn’t have been complete without other, non-academic events. Campers went hiking in Beskidy mountainsand solved a bunch of puzzles during both Escape Wall and a day-long Puzzle Hunt. Participants also got a chance to talk about careers, universities and olympiads with tutors and organisers during the Questions Evening Café. Moreover, they were able to improve their problem solving skills thanks to Relays (team competition similar to Náboj) and Team Problem Solving. Together with our sponsor Jane Street we also ran the Estimathon, which was a team-based contest that combined trivia, game theory, and mathematical thinking. All these little things contributed to making MBL 2021 such a great, inspiring and unforgettable camp.