Frequently Asked Questions

What about the war in Ukraine? It is safe to travel to Poland?

At the moment, Poland remains completely safe and there are no travel disruptions. Safety of participants is our priority, and if the situation changes, we may cancel the camp, change its location or make it online. However, it seems extremely unlikely that this will happen.

Is it possible to participate remotely? Are you going to stream classes?

No, we are only planning to organise an in-person camp. We do not plan to stream classes or offer any virtual activities.

Do I have to fill out AQ at one sitting?

No! After submitting, you will receive an edit link, valid until application deadline. Hence, if you want to take a break, just submit the form and edit it later.

How much does the camp cost?

The camp is FREE for all participants! We cover accommodation, food, local transportation, participation in trips and all activities. We only ask families to cover the costs of travel. If you would like to come, but are unable to afford travelling to and from Poland, talk to us. We may be able to give you a travel grant, or help you find a source of funding.

I am from country X. Can I apply? Yes!

People from all over the world can apply!

I am 14 or 20 years old. Can I apply?

The camp is aimed for students aged 15–19. The most important requirement is that in the year of applying, you must be or have been a middle/high school student. We can make some exceptions for younger and older students only if they satisfy this condition.

There is school in September. . .

We are aware that in many countries school starts during or before MBL. In the previous years we wrote formal letters asking for permission for school absence to the headmasters or class counsellors and only one of the applicants (ever) couldn’t come because of school. We will do as much as we can to assure that there are no problems this year either.

I have another question…

Feel free to email us at or check out our latest Application guidelines!