Apply as a tutor

Applications for MBL 2024 are now open!

Applications received before June 30, 2023 will receive full consideration. After that point, applications will be considered on a rolling basis, until we fill in all the spaces.

If you want to come to MBL, but you are no longer eligible to be a participant, don’t worry – you can apply as a tutor! Becoming a tutor means conducting at least one course during the camp, which consists of 3 classes, each 80 minutes long. There are three blocks of sessions arranged: 09-11.09, 13-15.09 and 17-19.09. There are always three classes at the same time, so usually 10-20 campers come to each of them. In the afternoons students have some special time intended for asking lecturers questions regarding classes, called time academic unscheduled or TAU for short. 

To get some feeling about the average difficulty of courses we strongly recommend to whip through our camp brochures. Remember that campers are high-school students and although many of them have broad olympic background, most of them are not fluent in calculus, linear algebra, group theory, etc. Therefore, if you plan to extensively use some methods/concepts from these areas, remember about reserving some time to introduce them.

Apart from lecturing, you are welcome to join the participants in Evening Activities and Special Events as well as to attend other lectures — in short, do what all the other people will be doing. We may occasionally ask you for help with some special mathematical events, but that will not be too much of a burden. We are not able to offer you money for your work, but your stay, as well as meals, are covered by us and we will refund, at least partially, your travel expenses.

In the application, please send us (in an email to
  1. description of your mathematical background, past teaching experience and couple of words about yourself;
  2. courses proposals (you are welcome to send more than one, as it gives us broader choice and makes things easier to arrange);
  3. how many courses you want to run;
  4. preferred dates of stay;
  5. if you want a refund: estimation of travel expenses to/from camp (if you have the possibility to cover it from some grant, please, write how much you are able to do so).