Our Partners

Scientific Society Vladimir Prelog

Scientific Society Vladimir Prelog is an organization that works on the continuous development and popularization of the natural sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It gathers the country’s most experienced and prosperous students in the hope of elevating the standard at which science, and it’s vast applications are perceived at in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Its means of doing so include organizing camps, seminars, and study programs for all young people in the country.

The Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia

The Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia (Сојуз на математичари на Македонија – СММ) is the principal organization in North Macedonia responsible for representing mathematicians in the country and organizing mathematical competitions from elementary school up to university level.
It is a member of several international mathematical organizations, including the Mathematical Society of South Eastern Europe (MASSEE).
Other activities under it’s jurisdiction include publishing of problem books, organizing summer, winter schools and scientific conferences, as well as publishing Matematichki Bilten, the oldest Macedonian mathematical journal.

Croatian Mathematical Society

The Croatian Mathematical Society (Hrvatsko matematičko društvo, HMD) is a professional association of mathematicians in Croatia whose goal is to improve and promote mathematical science, teaching mathematics at all levels, applications of mathematics in other disciplines and improving the position of mathematics and mathematicians in society in general. It was constituted in 1990, but its
history in predecessors is much longer. The teaching section of HMD participates in organization and implementation of competitions in mathematics in Croatia, from school to national level, as well as in tutoring activities for the IMO, MEMO, JBMO, EGMO and other (smaller) international competitions. It also supervises implementation of popular competitions in mathematics such as Kangourou sans
Frontières (with more than 50,000 participants every year) and Mathematics A-lympiad. It is also largely involved in activities for students and teachers (within their professional development) aiming to improve mathematics teaching, and therefore takes active part in different (European) projects and organizes workshops, professional lectures, conferences, seminars and popularization activities. One
of the most famous popularization activities for students is the annual Mathematics Evening (Večer matematike) organized in December as a collection of mathematical talks, lectures, workshops and other various events, with an increasing number of participants, climbing to 100,000. The Croatian Mathematical Society also engaged several research and professional mathematics journals: Matka, math.e, Poučak and Glasnik matematički.

UM u BiH

Udruženje za očuvanje multikulturalnosti u Bosni i Hercegovini-UM u BiH 
(The Association for the Preservation of Multiculturalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina-UM u BiH)

UM has been giving young people a platform for the realization of their projects since 2014.
The association was founded with the aim of working together with young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to create new opportunities for education, employment, preserving diversity and creating a more favorable environment for the sustainability of multiculturalism and the stay of young people in BiH. The word UM means mind in Bosnian so even the organization’s acronym testifies to its determination to especially support projects related to education. 
Some of the main goals of the organization according to its statute are to promote the importance of research and creation, work on the development of research practice and culture in the field of the public and civil sector, and the protection and improvement of the environment, and the development of ecological awareness. The organization has experience in organizing media campaigns, scientific and professional lectures, round tables, seminars, courses and presentations for the purpose of achieving the same goals. 
The Bosnian organizers of the Balkan MBL are members of the organization. Their leaders are MBL alumni who stood out at the camp not only with their mathematical abilities but also with their enthusiasm for organizing things that improve the system of informal education.