MBL-B Team

Boris Stanković

Project coordinator
Statistics and Financial Mathematics at the Mathematical Faculty in Belgrade. Unique enthusiast in organizing mathematical events, especially those related to education. Constantly fighting to improve the educational system and mathematical community in the Balkans. Always happy to help any talented kid that approaches him.

Andrej Madunić

Logistical coordinator
Andrej is a first year’s physics student at the University of Sarajevo. Apart from his passion for history, science and sports, he is an avid education activist, which is probably a topic you can get him started on at any time of day. He loves long and heated debates on any topic, so if you are bored, you can always challenge him to a discussion.


Jovan Vuković

Mathematical coordinator
Currently studying mathematics at the University of Belgrade. He is most interested in number theory, but likes many other fields of math as well. He also likes most sports, although his favorite ones are table tennis and volleyball. A big fan of strategy games.

Emir Kalajdžija

Currently a mathematics teacher in the Second Gymnasium Sarajevo, the most prestigious maths school in the country, graduated with a BSc and MSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Sarajevo. One of the founders and coordinators of the Mathematics Club in The Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. Incredible teaching enthusiast who constantly encourages his students to learn more and likes to collaborate with them. He always finds new motivation to learn about mathematics in every discussion with fellow mathematicians. 


Amar Bašić

Currently a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo and an advanced maths teacher in the Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. Graduated with a BSc and MSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Sarajevo. One of the founders and coordinators of the Mathematics Club in The Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. The urban legend of mathematics teaching in Sarajevo. Known for being always ready to talk to his students about their problems either mathematical or life ones. 

Adi Hujić

Currently studying first year of Maths and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science at Sarajevo University. Spent the last year teaching in the Druga gimnazija Math club. Besides being passionate about math, especially combinatorics, he loves watching and playing basketball, football and chess.


Marko Dimitrić

Currently on a gap year, before starting university in fall of 2023. His favorite fields of maths are probability theory and game theory, with a strong preference for the former. Apart from mathematics, he is interested in a variety of things, including AI and cognitive science, which sometimes prevents him from studying any of them. He’s also a devoted tabletop card game player with a dream of winning a tournament by letting Bayes’ theorem determine his final move.


Matej Vojvodić

Currently studying at University of Zagreb – Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics. His favourite branches of maths probably are probability theory and statistics, but also takes classes in programming and psychology. Matej loves to hang out with other competitors and helps to organise camps for Croatian students, and he is also vice president of young gifted mathematicians “Marin Getaldic”. Huge fan of tea and pancakes!

Nikola Velov

Graduated with a BSc and MSc degree in Pure Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade.
Winner of three first prizes at the International Mathematics Competition for University Students and one bronze medal at the IMO.
His main interest is in number theory, but he also enjoys combinatorics and annoying talented high school students by proposing 
tricky problems.

Srđan Stefanović

Currently a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade on
the subjects Mathematical Analysis 1 and 2, Measure Theory and Integration. He is a PhD student in the field of operator algebras. Graduated with a BSc and MSc degree in
Pure Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. Active in the Society of Mathematicians of Serbia: member of the commission for elementary school
competitions, deputy leader at the Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, organizer of
many camps, summer and winter schools.

Faruk Tufo

Head of marketing
Faruk Tufo attends CSC “St. Joseph” in Sarajevo. He has nothing to do with maths, but, as our marketing and graphic design guru, he tries to spring creativity into MBL Balkans!

Nikola Madunić

Head of IT
Student at Peta Gimnazija, Sarajevo. Profficient developer working with both Frontend & Backend engineering. Knowledge in web and application development, with interests in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Matej Slokar

 IT technician
Matej is a high school student who finds a huge passion in technology. He especially likes to combine it with his second passion, which is cars. You will probably find him with his earphones on, listening to “whatever gets him in the mood”.

Rastko Stanković

Junior year student of 2nd gymnasium Sarajevo. He loves solving olympiad problems, especially combinatorics and number theory. His biggest passion is participating in or organizing mathematical camps. If you ever want to show someone a cool math trick, go talk to him!


Emira Ibrahimović

A senior in Druga gimnazija Sarajevo’s IB Programme. Dabbles in competitive mathematics, programming and software development. Recently got a little into machine learning. Enjoys casual table tennis, singing and young adult fantasy novels. 


Benjamin Mujkić

Student of the second grade of the Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo. He managed to accomplish many prizes from the international competitions in mathematics. Due to the huge application of mathematics in computer science, he competes also in competitive programming. Besides that; he likes to travel, hang out with other people and play the piano.


Ervin Macić

Currently a high school senior at Druga gimnazija Sarajevo. Has a burning passion for competitive math and software development. In his spare time he works towards his goal of becoming a machine learning researcher. He loves having late night conversations, especially about Pokemon and/or cats.