Twelve-day long mathematical programme

Founded to answer the need of talented high school students to develop their passion and pursue their own educational goals.

Get to know other enthusiasts

The people are precisely what makes Maths Beyond Limits. Rarely do you get a chance to meet so many people that are both passionate about maths and generally friendly and open-minded.

Choose your own way

A wide range of lectures, talks, problem sessions and other activities provides opportunities for skills and knowledge development regardless of your specific interests. You can benefit from it both if you are keen on academics or if your cup of tea is contest maths.

Have fun

The camp is not only about maths. Evening activities and other events let you unwind, try something you'd never think of trying and make friends with other participants.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Beskidy

The intrinsic beauty of the landscape will definitely make your experience more pleasurable and may even convince you to go for a morning run.