Maths Beyond Limits is a mathematical programme for gifted high school students from all over the world. The first edition took place in September 2016, and since then it takes place annually in Poland. 

Starting in 2023, we are organizing also a spring camp in the Balkans: MBL-B. 

Typical day at MBL

Every regular day there are various mathematical activities such as Mathematical Classes, Camper Talks and Time Academic Unscheduled (TAU) as well as non-mathematical Evening Activities and Sports in the beautiful scenes of Beskidy mountains. 

Mathematical Classes

are run in 80-minute-long sessions; they are devoted to some of the most beautiful concepts in mathematics from outside the high school’s curriculum. They concern diverse mathematical fields and there are three sessions at the same time for the participants to choose from, which contributes to the diversity of academic experience participants have.


is time designated to work on mathematics independently. During this time all tutors and semitutors make themselves available for ‘office hours’ and groups often form to work together on problem sets. It was a great opportunity to clarify any points of the classes that were found hard or insufficiently explained.

Camper Talks

are 30-minute-long presentations given by participants on topics connected with mathematics. The participants prepare them before the camp and consult them with staff members during the camp. Their objective is to enhance youth’s presentation and communication skills as well as encourage the idea of active contribution to the camp and to civil society, while inspiring others with their passions.

Evening Activities

are non-mathematical activities run by participants or organisers in the evenings. They cover a wide range of workshops and give opportunities to try something new or improve soft skills.

There are also three special days when we do something else, for example go for a mountain hike, solve riddles during a Puzzle Hunt or have fun competing in a Mathematical Match. 

What MBL really is

Apart from being a great place to explore the beautiful world of mathematics, MBL is also a supportive community of broad-minded people. Meeting people who share your passion is always a wonderful experience and results in great, sometimes lifelong, friendships. The evenings and afternoons are filled with non-mathematical activities run by both the staff and the students. You can either choose to attend some of them, hang out with friends, prepare for the next-day classes or discuss some interesting topics with tutors and peers. We adhere to a profound belief that the freedom of choice is exactly what makes you benefit the most from this camp. Students can apply as regular participants or as semitutors who differ from the former in that they run their own Mathematical Classes. People who graduated from high school may apply as tutors.