MBL 2018
Maths Beyond Limits is a Europe-wide camp for high school students interested in maths. MBL 2018 was the third edition of this initiative and was held from 9th to 21st September 2018 in Milówka, Poland. 60 students from Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and Ukraine (who filled in the Applicant Questionnaire and solved problems from the Qualifying Quiz), along with 16 tutors (from aforementioned countries as well as from UK and the US) and 6 organisers, took part in it.
The aim of the project is to create space for development of young maths enthusiasts through working on interesting and demanding mathematical subjects. It is designed to encourage participants to share their knowledge and passion with others as well as to enhance cooperation and integration of European mathematical societies. Moreover, our goal is to awaken youth’s curiosity and to help them make important habits of creative thinking, self-development, ambition and ability to cooperate.
MBL 2018 was a 12-day-long programme, filled with numerous events. Every regular day there were three 80-minute-long blocks of Mathematical Classes. They were devoted to some of the most beautiful concepts in mathematics from outside the high school’s curriculum. During every block there were 3 lecture sessions to choose from, each concerning different mathematical field, which contributed to the diversity of academic experience participants had on the camp. Classes were followed by an hour-long TAU, which stands for Time Academic Unscheduled that was designated for the students to work on the problems independently or with the help of tutors. It was also a great opportunity to clarify any points of the classes that were found hard or insufficiently explained. The last regular mathematical events were Camper Talks, i.e. a 30-minute-long presentations given by some participants on topics connected to mathematics they were interested in. Their main goal was to give participants the opportunity to practice important skills of clear presentation of mathematical topics in English while inspiring others with their passions. Students had prepared them beforehand and consulted them with staff members during the camp.
Maths was not the only thing the camp was about, therefore the hard work was followed by Evening Activities. They were fun, challenging, educational or thought-provoking. Most of them were run by the participants, while other by the staff. Lastly, there was also time for Sports in the beautiful scenes of Beskidy mountains. Activities included running and workouts as well as playing volleyball, football and frisbee.
At MBL we do not let anyone get bored, therefore also quite a few special events were organised. We went for a Hike in Beskidy mountains and solved a bunch of puzzles during the Puzzle Hunt, as well as had fun playing guitars and singing by the Campfire. Participants also got a chance to talk about careers, universities and olympiads with tutors and organisers during the Questions Evening Café. Moreover, they were able to improve their problem solving skills thanks to Relays (team competition similar to Náboj) and Mathematical Matches. There were 3 divisions of Mathematical Matches differing in difficulty, each of them was a team contest where teams got problem sets in the evening and presented their solutions by the board the next day. All these little things contributed to making MBL 2018 such a great, inspiring and unforgettable camp.